That Looks Queer

“Steve is a true innovator and a person who really values the work, contributions and ideas of others. They create space to support the work of fellow artists while being dedicated and hard-working in their own practice. It’s always a pleasure to hear what they are working on and to have them at events where they listen, care and put those around them at ease.”

Orianna Franceschi 
Programme and Engagement Manager, Sheffield Creative Guild

“That Looks Queer exists as a platform to uplift and support Queer narratives and the work of LGBTQ+ artists. They were one of the first platforms to write about my work, further instating and supporting queer narratives in contemporary art practice.

Zwischen exists as the intersection ‘between’ ideas of the contemporary art practice and the Bauhaus movement. A way of bridging the two together through a Queer Lens while supporting artists.”

Connor Shields
2018 Yorkshire Graduate Award artist, sculptor and collaborator